Sleep and Fatigue
OT Assessment and
Managment of Disorders 2 Days Tanya Muir & Helen Roome Crosbie CPD: TBC
14-15 October 2021
TBC (Pretoria)
CPD Points: TBC
ABOUT the course

Sleep and Fatigue: OT Assessment and Management of disorders.

Part of having healthy sleep is nurturing a healthy circadian rhythm so that optimal functioning during the day is possible, both at work and home. OT’s often address function at work or in other daily occupations. OT’s are not well-equipped from undergraduate studies to manage fatigue and sleepiness when it underpins poor function. There are also many co-morbidities and disabilities that OT’s see, where poor sleep is seen as a symptom, but not as a separate disorder and therefore often overlooked. This workshop fills in some of those gaps for therapists.

1. The aim of this course

Day 1 of this workshop explores healthy sleep before unpacking specific sleep and fatigue disorders experienced across the lifespan; as well as their impact on other areas of wellbeing and functioning. There is also discussion of the link between sleep, fatigue and pain; particularly  in complex disorders such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and post-COVID syndrome. Day 2 then equips you with clinical knowledge and practical skills for assessing and managing this broad range of sleep and fatigue disorders.

2. Who is it for?

Aimed at Occupational therapists working with individuals across the lifespan from infants to older adults; including those involved in medicolegal work, vocational rehabilitation and employee wellness programmes.

3.Why you should attend.

Sleep is being increasingly recognized as a human occupation that impacts on all aspects of wellbeing and functional performance. It is also strongly associated with other leading disabling symptoms like fatigue, pain and depression. OTs need to know more than just basic ‘sleep hygiene principles’ or ‘old-school’ energy conservation in order to manage sleep and fatigue problems and prevent resultant disability. Post-COVID syndrome has brought an influx of clients with more complex fatigue challenges.

Course Schedule
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Session 1: Sleep and Fatigue: OT Assessment and Management of disorders.
 8.30am – 5.00 pm
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Helen Roome
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