Labour Law For the Occupational Therapist 1 Day Lyndsey Swart CPD: 8 Ethics Points
23April 2021
R2000 per person
CPD Points: 8 Ethics
Double course special
22-23 April 2021 R3500pp

Labour Law for the Occupational therapist & Case management for return to work

ABOUT the course

Labour Law for the Occupational therapist

1. who is it for?

All occupational therapists or other healthcare professionals who attend to adults of working age will benefit from attending this workshop. While most of the examples and case studies used in the workshop come from the occupational therapy profession, the principles are applicable to all healthcare professionals in both clinical and occupational health settings.

2. Why is this course important?


Healthcare workers are frequently required to deal with the negative effects that workplace problems inflict on their patients/ clients.  This one-day workshop will help you understand the legal complexities of disability in the workplace and empower you to make appropriate and legally defensible recommendations for your patients/ clients, from declaring a person disabled in terms of the Employment Equity Act, to recommending an appropriate disability management procedure for a worker who is struggling to fulfill their normal work obligations.

3.How does this relate to industry

Knowledge of relevant labour legislation allows you to understand speak the language of the workplace when negotiating sick leave, reasonable accommodations and other disability management requirements with employers and insurance providers.

Course Schedule

What’s it about?  The workshop will cover:

  • An introduction to the legislative framework in South Africa and labour law.
  • A detailed look at the various labour laws that deal with medical incapacity and disability including:
    • The Labour Relation Act (LRA)
    • The Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA)
    • The Employment Equity Act (EEA)
    • Brief overviews of the Skills Development Act (SDA) and the Employment Services Act (ESA)
  • A discussion of the case law that has emerged from the above legislation and how the Courts are interpreting this legislation.
  • The role of the health care worker in managing medical incapacity/ disability in the workplace.
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CPD Ethics Points
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lyndsey swart
Lyndsey Swart
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