Ergonomics and the VOC OT Occupational Health & safety and the OT 1 Day 1 Course Lyndsey Swart
26 March 2021
Isa Carstens Beauty Academy
R2000 per person vat inc
R3800 – combo with Ergonomics workshop
CPD points : 7
ABOUT the course

Ergonomics and the VOC OT & Occupational Health and safety and the OT

1. Ergonomics and the Voc OT
The emerging role of the occupational therapist in ergonomics

The publication of the Draft Ergonomics Regulations by the Department of Labour in January 2018 opened a wide, multidisciplinary discussion on ergonomics in the workplace and the relevant competencies and professionals involved.

While our undergraduate training as occupational therapists equips us to deal holistically with the interaction between person, environment and occupation, we need to be able to apply this knowledge within the accepted parameters of ergonomic practice. This one-day course covers the principles and application of ergonomics from our unique occupational therapy perspective.

Defining ergonomics and it’s practice with special reference to the workplace

The course covers specifics related to:

  • The benefits of ergonomics
  • Risk factors inherent in the worker
  • Risk factors inherent in the job/ task
  • Risk factors inherent in the workplace
  • Risk factors inherent in the organisation
  • How to conduct an ergonomic risk assessment
  • Controlling and managing ergonomic risks
2. Occupational Health and safety and the OT

Occupational health and safety (OHS) is regulated by various laws in every workplace in South Africa. Failure to comply with these laws can open an employer to criminal prosecution. Occupational therapists working in vocational rehabilitation or occupational health require a sound appreciation of occupational health and safety legislation and practices in order to operate effectively within the workplace and make appropriate, realistic and safe recommendations for their clients. This one-day workshop will empower you with the underlying principles of OHS, hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control as they apply to the occupational therapist.ation and their application to occupational therapy practice.

3. Industry Relevance


All occupational therapists who are interested in getting ahead of the soon to be published white paper on ergonomics.


This course is designed for OTs and OHNs looking to gain expert guidance and skills to confidently expand their practise into the growing field of occupational health, safety and wellness.

Course Schedule
 08:00am – 08:30am 
 08:30am – 11:00am
  • Why is OHS not just relevant, but important to OT’s?
  • The global framework of OHS
  • Understanding OHS legislation in South Africa
11:00am – 11:15am


11:15am – 12:30pm
  • Who are the role-players in OHS and what are their duties and responsibilities.
  • Introduction to hazard identification and risk assessment (HIRA)
  • Managing workplace risks and hazards
12:30pm – 13:00pm


13:00pm – 15:00pm
  • Implications of OHS for OTs:
    • Recommending reasonable accommodation
    • Identifying and reporting safety issues
    • The worksite visit
    • Managing workplace risks and hazards
15:00pm – 15:15pm

Afternoon Tea

15:15pm – 16:30pm
  • Case Studies
  • Closure
Max capacity
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lyndsey swart
Lyndsey Swart
Occupational therapist
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    Ergonomics and the ot

    25 March 2021

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